videoRehearser for Wellness

Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.

- J. Stanford


Empowerment-oriented interventions enhance wellness.

Empowerment is a construct that links individual strengths, competencies, natural helping systems and proactive behaviors to social policy and social change.


Designed to support therapeutic concordance and strengthen adherence and compliance between patients and caregivers.

With assistance from vR, patients are better able to remember the the healthcare provider’s precise instructions and understand the meaning and value of said instructions. With a better and more accurate understanding of the therapeutic regime comes a increased ability and motivation to apply that guidance daily.


Coaching for the 21st Century.

Coaching is widely regarded as a potent development force. Coaches must adapt in parallel with the evolution of the coachee and expand their tool kits to include technology-enabled methodologies. To sustain and deepen the impact of coaching in this new era, coaches must refine and build on their tools.