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Duplicate Your Best Salesmen

Sales and negotiation is a constantly evolving art form that requires regular improvements and innovation – the same strategies that work today will not work tomorrow. The rapid development of new CRM’s, outreach tools, and technologies further add to the complexity of the space and often take away from the most important duty of a sales person – to sell.

Through active self-reflection and experience simulation, videoRehearser’s learning tools enables your sales and negotiation teams to experience and practice perfect deal flow in a life-like environment – whether cold calling or closing a deal. vR enables you to take your top performing employees and replicate their behavior throughout your entire team – turning average salespeople into top sellers.

  • Close More Deals

    Top sales people often outperform their counterparts by 10x. With videoRehearser, you can take their success and replicate it among your staff – boosting deal flow and increasing your bottom-line.

  • Amplify Best Practices

    vR provides a scaleable framework to train your entire sales team using the knowledge, behavior, and insight of your top performers. In just minutes, you can create lessons that can implemented across your sales division in the same day.

  • Do More with Less

    Faster deal flow and greater volume of clients means that your sales team can maintain and even outperform existing targets with fewer people.

  • Cut the Clutter, Get More Done

    There are few professions with more training programs, books, and materials than sales and negotiation. vR is an action-based system that enables you to distill complex strategies into simple, actionable steps.

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Reduce Anxiety, Increase Sales

Ask any sales team and they’ll say the same – the hardest part is picking up the phone. The anticipation and fear of rejection is a common trait among almost everyone, but there’s a simple way to reduce it – practice. videoRehearser enables your sales team to engage in mock negotiations with themselves. Using our system of self-reflection to analyze exactly what they did right and wrong, so that they’re ready and eager to engage when the opportunity appears.



Sales teams around the world use videoRehearser to improve performance and close more deals Whether you’re a local shop or a global brand, we can provide the tools you need to reach an unprecedented level of success.

Why choose us


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    Learning Strategy

    Forget rote learning methods and deploy learning programs backed by neurobehavioral science.

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    Any Device

    Create and take VideoRehearser courses on any device – mobile, desktop, or tablet.

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    Quickly create and deploy courses to your team that just plain work – no frills, no distractions, just the goods.

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    Enhanced Collaboration

    Learner can leverage feedback from coaches and their network – people invested in their success.

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    Scale Best Practices

    Lessons and examples from the best people in your organization can be quickly taught to your entire team.

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    Cut Costs

    85% of training budgets are used just to get people in the room – now all you need is an internet connection.

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How It Works


We’ll show you how to create amazingly effective sales training programs in 3 simple steps

  • 1. Project scope

    We’ll start by discussing your company’s sales program goals and create a targeted approach to reaching them.

  • 2. Features and Package Customization

    Based on your requirements, we’ll help you choose a package the meets your needs without exceeding your budget.

  • 3. Reach Your Goals, Expand Your Reach

    As we meet your goals and improve the efficiency of your training programs, we can expand into other areas of your business.