Everyone Can be an Expert

From on-boarding new team members to introducing new products and services to your staff, videoRehearser increases the rate of adoption and product expertise throughout your business. By replicating the behavior and talking points of experts within your organization, product training participants learn faster and retain far more information than traditional methods.

Easily scalable throughout your company, videoRehearser enables anyone and everyone to become a product expert through behavior replication and self-reflection.

  • Empower Employees

    The more each employee knows about your product and its purpose, the better able they are to solve problems and create positive customer experiences.

  • Innovation is Information

    Cross-contamination of departments and ideas has long been known as the engine of creativity. Through quick, short video lessons, your employees will be exposed to more ideas and opportunities to create the next big breakthrough.

  • Speed Up On-boarding

    New employees need to fully understand your products and services before they can perform their job at a high level. videoRehearser expedites this process and gets them working faster than any other alternative.

Product Training


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We help businesses empower their employees and customers with a complete understanding of their products. Let’s get started

Product Training

Speed Up Product Adoption

The faster your customers learn and the more they know, the better your bottom-line will be. More informed customers spend more, are more likely to promote your products and services through word of mouth, and are far more likely to purchase again in the future. All it takes is a few short videos to get started.



videoRehearser is used as a product training tool at many of the world’s top companies and retailer. From training sales people to educating customers, vR is enabling companies and their customers to learn faster and do more.

Why choose us


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    Learning Strategy

    Forget rote learning methods and deploy learning programs backed by neurobehavioral science.

  • monitor-tablet-and-smartohone

    Any Device

    Create and take VideoRehearser courses on any device – mobile, desktop, or tablet.

  • simple


    Quickly create and deploy courses to your team that just plain work – no frills, no distractions, just the goods.

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    Enhanced Collaboration

    Learner can leverage feedback from coaches and their network – people invested in their success.

  • start-up

    Scale Best Practices

    Lessons and examples from the best people in your organization can be quickly taught to your entire team.

  • savings

    Cut Costs

    85% of training budgets are used just to get people in the room – now all you need is an internet connection.

Stop wasting time and money on training programs that don’t work. Explore our company

How It Works


We’ll show you how to create amazingly effective product training programs in 3 simple steps

  • 1. Project scope

    We’ll start by discussing your company’s training/learning goals and create a targeted approach to reaching them.

  • 2. Features and Package Customization

    Based on your requirements, we’ll help you choose a package the meets your needs without exceeding your budget.

  • 3. Reach Your Goals, Expand Your Reach

    As we meet your goals and improve the efficiency of your training programs, we can expand into other areas of your business.