Learning is an underappreciated process that takes time and effort. It is also a process controlled exclusively by the brain.

We’ve engineered a Training Platform that combines Brain Science & Technology to expedite social, academic, and workplace learning.

We promise that managers and trainees will use less effort, to learn more, in less time.

Currently available via INVITATION ONLY.


The societal costs of inefficient and ineffective training include poor return on national, state, and local educational effort and expenditures as well as the loss of opportunity for social, personal, and financial mobility.

We are looking for Disruptive Trainers & Educators looking to EVOLUTIONIZE where learning happens.

videoRehearser is the virtual training platform engineered by educators to expedite learning. Based on neuroeducational and applied behavioral sciences, vR is uniquely positioned to empower the community in an unprecedented way. Our mission is to provide communities of learners with access to a training tool that we promise will transform performance.

That is why we’ve combined brain science and computer technology to create a platform that is engineered to train. We promise that instructors and learners will use less effort, to learn more, in less time.

The Science

videoRehearser is a combination authoring and training tool Engineered to Train.

vR’s comprehensive approach to teaching is informed by:
  1. Bandura’s Social Learning theory
  2. Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences
  3. Applied Behavioral Analysis
  4. Educational Neuroscience
  5. 12 Principles of Memory
to foster the attainment of “Blooms Learning Objectives” of
  • Remembering
  • Understanding
  • Applying knowledge
in addition to the higher level skills of
  • Analysis
  • Evaluation
  • Creativity
This combination leads to the critical social, academic, and workplace skills of clear, accurate and authoritative communication needed by individuals from all walks of life.