Enhance Each Lesson

Add some variation and real-world simulation to your classroom with videoRehearser’s video-based learning platform designed for higher education. With phones in every pocket, it’s an easy way for educators of every type to actively engage their students outside of the classroom walls.

Even better, our learning system is based on self-reflexive review – meaning that teachers and educators can deliver better results while at the same time spending less of their day providing repetitive feedback. More capable students, less stressed faculty – the ultimate win-win!

  • More Learning, Less Paperwork

    Completing or correcting traditional homework assignments isn’t fun for anyone. Video-based lessons and opportunities for self-correction means that there’s less waste, fewer mistakes, and more excitement in each lesson.

  • Lead by Example

    Instead of telling your students how to do something, show them. VideoRehearser makes it easy to create authentic learning experiences that students find relevant and useful in their lives.

  • Active Learning, Not Passive

    Instead of falling asleep at their desks, students will be engaged each step of the way through self-reflection and active participation.


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We help schools of all sizes boost test scores and improve the student experience. Let’s get started



Today’s students love technology and video – especially when it’s of themselves. As a video based platform, VideoRehearser turns assignments and test preparation into interactive filming sessions that are both more exciting and far more effective. Expect higher test scores and more engaged students.



We built videoRehearser to serve as a core education tool inside the world’s top universities, Fortune 500 companies, and startups. Whether you’re running an ivy league university or the local high school, we can provide the tools you need to reach the next level of success.

Why choose us


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    Learning Strategy

    Forget rote learning methods and deploy learning programs backed by neurobehavioral science.

  • monitor-tablet-and-smartohone

    Any Device

    Create and take VideoRehearser courses on any device – mobile, desktop, or tablet.

  • simple


    Quickly create and deploy courses to your team that just plain work – no frills, no distractions, just the goods.

  • group-3

    Enhanced Collaboration

    Learner can leverage feedback from coaches and their network – people invested in their success.

  • start-up

    Scale Best Practices

    Lessons and examples from the best people in your organization can be quickly taught to your entire team.

  • savings

    Cut Costs

    85% of training budgets are used just to get people in the room – now all you need is an internet connection.

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How It Works


We’ll show higher education institutions how to create amazingly effective lessons in 3 simple steps

  • 1. Project scope

    We’ll start by discussing your school’s course requirements and learning goals to create a targeted approach to reaching them.

  • 2. Features and Package Customization

    Based on your requirements, we’ll help you choose a package the meets your needs without exceeding your budget.

  • 3. Reach Your Goals, Expand Your Reach

    As we meet your goals and improve the efficiency of your classroom programs, we can expand into other areas of your school.