The Training Management System engineered to improve performance in

We help organizations scale and improve their
training through interactive video.

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What they are saying.

"I am able to save time, effort, and money by using videoRehearser to engage my team. The platform puts the emphasis on the LEARNER and uses engineered training to improve employee performance, morale, and satisfaction"

- Former GM at Four Seasons

User Generated Content
Easily create and upload lessons.
Engineered Training
Uses natural learning processes.
Cloud-based learning
Access content anywhere at anytime.


Authentic Learning

The platform harnesses the power of natural learning
processes and provides a digital tool for leveraging
neurobehavioral and educational principles.

Iterative Training

Provide measurable performance goals and iterative
feedback to help new employees add value quickly
and existing employees exceed performance expectations.

Performance Support

Empower managers and HR departments to create scaleable
lessons that are always available and accessible from
anywhere an internet connection exists.


Increase your ROI

Through consistent, efficient, and cost-effective training.
videoRehearser uses social learning, neurobehavioral and
educational principles to engineer training
that leads to a better performing team.

When can you use videoRehearser?

During On-boarding

To maintain consistent branding

To simulate new techniques

When you update messaging

To assess performance

Professional development

Virtual Training

Deliver the type of interactive virtual
learning demanded by the millenial workforce.

By 2020, Millennials will make up 35%
of the global workforce.
Easy to use
All you need is a working webcam